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Kate Allan

My partner and I had private lessons with Sabrina and Raffa for our wedding dance. Over the year of lessons, we got to know both Sabrina and Raffa very well. They are truly the most kind, hearted, giving people and wonderful dancers!

In the lead up to the wedding, they helped us perfect our technique and dance with passion and confidence. Not at all being familar with Tango before our lessons, it was a miracle that we were able to do a wedding dance that was so beautiful. Sabrina and Raffa helped us select our music and it was just perfect for us.

I would recommend Sabrina and Raffa for private dancing lessons for a wedding dance, or another special event. No matter how bad you think you are they will show great patience and support during the lessons.

We truly enjoyed ourselves and looking at the photos from the wedding dance brings back such fond memories.

Joanna Zydel

Mi Serenata has the unique vibe of friendliness, passion and elegance that I coudn't find anywhere else.

Every milonga is special, every lesson and workshops are worth attending to.

Now I feel it more than before, as it's been a while since I had a chance to dance tango. The longer the break the more I miss the time spent on the dance floor in the lovely company of the Mi Serenata Team.

I hope we see each other soon!

Joseph Zingarelli
The Hague, Netherlands

What a magical surprise to be visiting Perth from the Netherlands and to discover Mi Serenata's November milonga!

Beautiful set up in the hall, great dance floor, excellent music and sound, friendly local dancers and, of course, Sabrina and Raffaele's warm welcome. Raffaele's supper alone would have been worth the visit.

Truly tango is the universal passport to a beautiful evening ("una bella serenata") wherever you travel in the world. It made the 20 hours of flight from the Netherlands worthwhile!

Keep up the magic, and grazie mille, Sabrina and Raffaele.

Rose Estandante

Thank you Mi Serenata for a wonderful Pink Ribbon night and congratulations for raising such a generous amount of money for the Cancer Council. Well done.

I was so touched when I saw that not a single man sat down on the tanda dedicated to Bubbles. Everybody got up to dance even the non dancers got up. It was most beautiful. It showed how much we all love and how fondly we remember the beautiful and elegant Bubbles.

Thank you for the most wonderful night. So priviledged to be there.

Ann Lee-Steere

It was so rewarding to be part of the audience for the question and answer session with Tango Masters Natalia Hills and Alejandro Aquino.

They were thoughtful and honest as they told the stories about what brought them to tango and their sense of responsibility to help preserve what was a threatened part of the Argentine culture.

This historical and social context explained at that session made their beautiful dancing more meaningful. It was a highlight.

Thank you Raffa and Sabrina for the extraordinary opportunities, passion and expertise that you have given to me as a tango student.

Brandon Hendroff
Bayswater, Perth WA

I've just been through the extraordinary experience of learning with the incredible Tango Masters Natalia Hills & Alejandro Aquino, c/MiSerenata Tango, over the past 3 days, and was profoundly impressed with their absolutely World-class brilliance and passion for spreading and developing the culture of Tango… I have never personally met Dancers of such calibre before!

We learned a number of techniques that I'm certain none of us in class had encountered or practiced previously, and I was delighted that the Intermediate and Advanced classes were all accessible to someone of my basic skill level, as I still know very few moves after 3½ years of struggle.

Afterwards, these wonderful dancers explained their deep thoughts about their journey & experiences, and answered some fairly searching questions in a 2 hr group interview at the end of the 5 class course.

I've come away feeling deeply inspired that I will be able to achieve much more over the next few years, yet am under no illusion that this journey will demand extraordinary dedication from me and my special friends in the Tango world.

Nick & Kate

We thoroughly enjoyed the Mi Serenata Sunday Tango Tea, the first time we had attended one. All the right elements were there, music, ambience and of course food and drink. Alejandro's DJ job was impeccable, the venue and dance floor were very good, and Raffa's food was as always the genuine chef deal - absolutely delicious.

Well done the whole team!

Brandon Hendroff
Bayswater, Perth WA

The study of Argentine Tango is a very individual and searching journey, and I have been pursuing it for around 3 years now at nearly every available place of learning in Perth; I have a fondness and warm respect for every teacher dedicated to this very difficult dance, and note the recent closure of 'Perth Tango Embrace' with an affectionate sadness, as they were able to bring elementary students very quick & effective results with practical 'Milonguero style' Tango dancing;

However, Ive been delighted to discover 'Mi Serenata Tango', as Sabrina & Rapha are 'full of generous Love' and a broad practical knowledge with the culture and practice of this beautiful Dance form, and they are well & intimately connected with the wider International Tango Community & schools, so you in turn will be well connected and informed there, for both your Interstate & International dancing.

I had been advised by a mature retired Tango teacher & Milonguera to 'go find Rapha' in order to 'learn how to walk again' after over two years at other schools, and was delighted with the no-nonsense approach displayed, and the very quick practical results achievable, in his classes. The classes are small, so any student will achieve close personal attention, and experienced students are always present to lend a hand, so you can 'get the feel' of correct Tango very quickly if you are a newcomer.

For Ladies, you will discover Sabrina to be the 'Queen of decoration' with beautiful legwork & footwork, and her enthusiasm is infectious, while affectionate in every way; Tango is actually a culture of Love, and Sabrina communicates the cooperative and non-competitive nature of this dance beautifully, for Australian women.

Mi Serenata are very humble in appreciating the limits of their knowledge and are totally supportive to students and generous with other teachers- they will warmly encourage you to study with others when you have reached the limits to what they have to offer, and they facilitate excellent guest teachers at very reasonable expense to serious students; Tango dancing can get very expensive in some places, yet here, you will find it a warmly pleasurable and economical pursuit!

In my personal experience , they host the best Milongas (Tango Social Dances) in Perth and I have no hesitation in recommending them most highly in every way-They are a lovely blessing to the Tango Culture here in Perth!

DJ Alejandro Del Mar
Sunset Coast, Perth

Without exaggeration, Mi Serenata is the best thing to happen to the Perth Tango Scene in years!

Why do I say the best? Because they have the rare combination of professionalism, friendliness and quality in everything they do.

The Teaching – The Best in Perth – An effective combination of technique and musicality in Tango. Simply more than just steps, but a holistic view of execution and intention of each step. Raff & Sabrina don’t simply teach you how to dance Tango, but how to own Tango. Raff & Sabrina also show a great humility, empathy and friendliness in their communication with their students. This is singularly highlighted by the fact they dance with their students (even beginners) socially at Milongas, something I have never seen in Perth before!

The Milongas – The Best in Perth – I dare anyone to suggest a better Milonga in Perth. Mi Serenata Milongas have it all! Excellent and friendly environment to dance Tango socially, delicious and ample food (worth the cost of entry alone!) and, with the new sound amplifier upgrades, the best sounding music!

The Mi Serenata Tango Vision - The Best in Perth – In their short time since inception, Mi Serenata have added texture and depth to Tango Events in Perth. They have created Perth’s first “Practilonga” concept, hosted many Tango workshops, hosted the National Tango Championship Rounds in Perth, and held very successful Tango-themed events such as High Tea at Empire Dance Studio & Various Charity Events. Quite remarkable given that all this has happened in the last 2 years! The Mi Serenata Team don’t just talk about doing things, they actually do it!

It is my great pleasure to offer this testimonial about Mi Serenata, and equally my pleasure to keep my association & support with them as a DJ, a Tango dance student, and an active member of the Perth Tango community.

Lorelle & Claire

Hi Sabrina & Raffa, just wanted to thank you and your team for a lovely welcome to the Perth tango scene last night! We both agree that never before have we pitched up to a new milonga and been made to feel so at home. We really enjoyed everything you had to offer and look forward to making tango a regular occurrence again.

Cancer Council WA

Cancer Council WA would like to say a BIG Thank You to the tango performers, Jairo and Amy from Tangueros as well the Perth Tango Community for their amazing support.

Cancer Council WA relies heavily on the support of the WA community and without people like you, we would not be able to do what we do.

Thank You! We really do appreciate your support!

Cindy Debes, President of 'Hands Across the World'

We, as the Hands Across the World team, were honoured with an invitation to the 'Pink Ribbon Charity Fundraising Milonga' on Saturday in Claremont.

It was a fantastic night at a great location with amazing music and outstanding dancers.

Honestly, we have never danced one step Tango before in our lives, but curiosity got the better of us as we were ask to try. With the help of extremely skilled teachers we learned to love this amazing dance and had a great time watching all the pros.

The funds raised for this great cause will go a long way and we congratulate the team of Mi Serenata Tango to the outcome of this event.

And, the food was delicious!

Vera Roberts

The workshops with Joaquin Amenabar were inspiring in many aspects of the appreciation of the structure of tango music.

Joaquin taught well and catered to the needs of all the participants.

He gave personal assistance to individuals who were experiencing some difficulties. He did not just stand and observe.


Dear Sabrina, Raffa, Sam, Fabian and Sonia,

It's my honor to be a team member with you to hosted the "Milonga de Invierno" last night. And I am also proud of being the "bridge" between Champagne Tango here in Perth and Alma del Tango in Beijing, and now we become sister clubs and will have sister milongas in the future. And anyone from Champagne Tango will be warm welcome to BJ to have Milonga Serenata on every Wednesday and tango lessons almost everyday.

So if you are interested in tango in BJ, pls do not hesitate to contact Sabrina ( Sorry it looks like I'm advertising here:) I believe what Champagne Tango and Alma del Tango do are the same : let more people know tango, interested in tango, love tango and enjoy the life no matter wherever you are.

Raffa, I hate u called it farewell milonga, but I do appreciated dancing with you in Di Sali. and pls allowed me to say thanks to Fabian, Rob, Martin and Toti, thanks for dancing with me to say farewell. But in my gut feeling, I just considered that tango to celebrate the family relationship between us, and it's not the time to say good-bye. Sonia, I knew you were not in Perth last night, but I do miss you, hope you have a lot of fun there.

Thanks to the beatiful lady DJ and to all the gentlemen who danced with me and my lovely classmates Ann and Janice, to gave me such a nice milonga last night. I enjoyed it so much, and now of cause looking forward to meeting you soon in tango!

Say good night to my dearest sister Sabrina, and my brothers and friends in Perth.

Glenn Sheldon

On behalf of everyone from the South Fremantle Muita Calma Futsal Club we would like to thank Champagne Tango on becoming our major sponsor in the 2013 State Futsal League. We look forward to building a strong relationship in the future. Many thanks for believing in us.

Los Angeles, CA

Every success in the near future! A very informative website.

Amy y Jairo - Tangueros

Dear Sabrina, Raffaele, Fabian and Sonya,

We'd like to thank you for organising such a beautiful milonga. As we entered St.Aidan's we were greeted by the tango music pouring from your venue, friendly smiles and warm welcomes.

The milonga was filled with dancers enjoying themselves to the sounds of tango music. It was the same warmth found in the great milongas of Buenos Aires.

Your food was delicious and we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw so many choices of salads, and those great meatballs ! But that wasn't all, the dessert was incredible and the caffe!!!!

We wish you all the best in this endeavour and I am certain that your community will appreciate the effort you have all made to create this very unique milonga. We wish there were more like these around Australia !

Congratulations Champagne Tango Perth...keep the Tango alive.

Gerard & Brigitte

Thank you to Champagne Tango Perth (CTP) for the opportunity to compete at the Australian Tango Dance Challenge in Sydney. It was a great experience to meet the judges and teachers who provided valuable feedback.

With the support and encouragement of CTP we made it to the final round and finished in the top 10.

It is inspiring to see Sabrina's and Raffaele's continual dedication and commitment to growing the Perth Tango community by hosting competitions, showcasing interstate performances and conducting workshops.

We can’t wait to see what CTP will be hosting next in Perth!

Michael Riley

Raffaele and Sabrina are seriously talented, and have danced prodigiously in Argentina for many years.

They are incredibly well steeped in the nuances of traditional Tango, and even if the more classical style does not interest you, it is the best style to begin with before you branch out into other Tango rhythms.

Like they always tell me, "You need to learn to walk before you can dance. It is all about the walk". And I'll never forget it ;)

The very recent inception of Champagne Tango in no way relfects that it is fledgling in its experience and talent.

When I recommend Champagne Tango to people, I do so not because I am a volunteer. It is because I felt compelled to become a volunteer after such a heady immersion.

This sexy dance was difficult to begin with, but anything of artistic merit or beauty is, and since I began walking, I know deep down I will never stop.

Michael Riley

This year I have had the pleasure of stumbling across Champagne Tango by accident, and I am proud to say it is one of the best things I have become part of.

The first milonga reminded me of the dance halls in Buenos Aires when I visited Argentina in 2008, and as soon as I began learning, I had to become a volunteer for the Champagne Tango team straight away.

I am still gobsmacked something like this exists in Perth. I have not been learning for long, yet once I began learning with Raffaele and Sabrina, all other temptations to begin learning elsewhere vanished immediately!!

Whenever I have missed a lesson or a milonga due to other commitments, it has always been to my great annoyance, and if that is not a great indication that Champagne Tango is worth investigating for anybody wanting to venture forth with this magical passion, then I don't know what is!

Peter & Lisa - Club de Tango

Congratulations Champagne Tango for your dedication in offering Perth such a wonderful and welcoming Milonga….. with such amazing food - this isn’t available anywhere else, for even double your entry price. Well done, amazing night!

And we greatly appreciate you hosting us for the October weekend workshops and especially all those who attended, from beginner to advanced, you made us feel very welcome in your community with your open minds and open hearts. It’s always a great pleasure to teach in that type of environment.

Keep up the good work and we hope to see you all again in the near future, all the best...

Katica & Miklos Edes

These events have been such an eye-opener for us. We have previously seen second rate and mediocre performers and teachers self-promoting themselves as the best around, when the reality has been that they have nothing more to offer than smoke and mirrors. A huge wake-up for Perth Tango.

Nora and Stephen Agnew

We really look forward to the Milonga with Champagne Tango on alternate friday nights. We had never danced before, let alone "Tango" and have felt so welcomed and supported by everyone, that the Argentine Tango is now a very enjoyable part of our lives.

The Milonga is a great night out...from the welcoming Champagne Cocktail, the ambience and music, the welcoming and friendliness of everyone and the restaurant quality supper, to the wonderful dancing...it really is a very enjoyable evening.

We have only been going for a few months now, but with the pre-milonga dance lessons and the dance workshops to attend, we look forward to many years of tango dancing, improving as we go and enjoying every step of the way. Many thanks to everyone for being sooo welcoming and supportive.

Janet Gray
Bunbury, Western Australia

We had a wonderful night dancing on Friday night. I travelled from Bunbury, and my girfriend from Rockingham. Thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome. Hope to see you soon.

David and Dianne - Sidewalktango

Thank you to Champagne Tango for hosting us at your superb Buenos Aires style milonga last weekend. The milonga was drenched with the all important "tango ambience" and style.

Also a big thank you for the marvellous contributions of dedication and focus from participants at the workshops, which made the sessions so successful and fulfilling.

The whole weekend organised by Champagne Tango was a seamless journey of sophistication and pleasure. Very much hope we can come over and tango with you all another time! Yours sincerely David and Dianne (Sidewalktango)

David Forrest

Dear Sabrina. Wow, when we first met and discussed Champagne Tango it was an idea in your passionate dreams. Now it is truly a reality and what a great web site, the best I have seen for any Australian Tango web site. So informative and friendly to navigate. Well done , I am so proud of your new venture.

Kathy & Ted

Thank you so much for bringing us Sidewalk Tango. Not just genuine top-class performers, they are quality teachers, imparting their great knowledge with an unusual degree of modesty.

We have previously attended so-called "workshops" conducted by show ponies who expected us to watch in awe and learn by osmosis, but these two took us deep into the spiritual essence of tango and we emerged richer and with deeper understanding. This will certainly give us significantly enhanced personal enjoyment of our tango, and as Sabrina has commented, "It's not a spectator sport".


We haven’t made it to Perth yet, but we know Champagne Tango will be a great success due to the dedication and passion of it’s members to tango ………… as well as a fabulous website.

Champagne Tango is giving something very special to the tango community in Perth and we wish you all the best. Peter & Lisa Club de Tango

Nelson and Liz
Buenos Aires

Word has reached us here in Buenos Aires of the arrival of an exciting and new milonga to the shores of Perth, Western Australia.

As ardent lovers of Tango for many years now,(and myself as a one time resident of this beautiful city, now residing in Buenos Aires,) we both fully support and endorse fresh new ideas to any tango community, but especially as we understand your intention is the bringing together of people with a mutual love of the tango, its music and the dance, and in particular providing and encouraging an atmosphere of warmth, friendship and happiness.

We would always encourage any new milongas, not only in Perth but in every part of the world today, as a way to bring about the unification of peoples from all walks of life. With your expertise and very extensive knowledge of the tango, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you many happy milongas...Two avid Tango Dancers...Liz and Nelson, Buenos Aires


What a great milonga! Intimate and personal, very friendly. I encouraged some friends who had never danced tango to come along and try it out and they had a great time. They say they are hooked and will definitely be back next time! Well done to all the team for the hard work in making this happen.


I love the warm and friendly atmosphere of Champagne Tango. It's set in a beautiful hall dating back to 1903 and recaptures the essence of the golden era of tango. It's an ideal venue also for people new to tango, to go along and be guided in some simple steps to hopefully start them on the road to falling in love with the dance and the music.


Wishing you great success!!!


Great website!


Had a lovely time last Friday. And the empananadas were as good as in Buenos Aires. Thank you.


Good luck and all the best!