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Mi Serenata Tango is actively involved in building bridges with our fellow tangueros and instructors inter-state, as well as those within our region, and over time we will bring many of the finest to you, in a cultural environment far more personal than Perth’s tango community has previously experienced. Tango Argentino is in essence a personal and cultural phenomenon, and we will take you closer to the milonga halls of Buenos Aires.

We provide a relaxed and intimate social setting to make you feel at home, meet new friends, and enjoy the atmosphere. We hope Mi Serenata Tango will become the highlight of your week!

We are strictly non-profit and simply aim to cover the costs of providing attractive tango opportunities for you. Learn More

Argentine Tango Lessons Group Classes & Private Lessons Available

Argentine Tango Lessons Perth

Learn to dance the Argentine Tango with accredited and experienced teachers Sabrina Elias & Raffaele Capasso

We offer Beginner and Advanced Courses.

  • Clear, personable, relaxed and above all highly professional teaching. Both teachers have completed and received tango accreditation with the legendary tango maestros, Miguel Zotto and Daiana Guspero.
  • Only official accredited Argentine Tango teachers in Western Australia.
  • Teaching in the style of Buenos Aires.
  • Our students graduate with good techniques, foundations, styling and a deeper understanding and appreciation of Tango.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a big list of answers to questions that we get asked most often relating to our Tango lessons & Milongas.

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Photos, Videos & Music

The quickest way to learn more about Mi Serenata Tango is to take a look at photos & videos from our Gala Milongas, events and workshops. Why not have a listen to some of the music that inspires us, too!

Featured Testimonial

Mi Serenata has the unique vibe of friendliness, passion and elegance that I coudn't find anywhere else.

Every milonga is special, every lesson and workshops are worth attending to.

Now I feel it more than before, as it's been a while since I had a chance to dance tango. The longer the break the more I miss the time spent on the dance floor in the lovely company of the Mi Serenata Team.

I hope we see each other soon!

Joanna Zydel