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Alma del Tango

We could not be more pleased and excited to welcome our Sister Club and Sister Milonga, Alma del Tango, in Beijing, China.


Alma del Tango was founded by Esteban “TT” (2013 Chinese Tango Champion - Salon Tango category) and Amy, a pair of influential professional dancers from Beijing. Since forming their partnership in 2008 they have been invited to perform and teach in 6 different cities in China. For the past few years they have devoted their total efforts in the promotion of Argentinian tango dance and culture.

They are popular for their elegant, classical, and passionate dance style, and they have been invited to perform at Asian tango festivals. In 2012 they formed their own tango club Alma del Tango in Beijing, insisting on being traditional salon tango dancers, they devote themselves to continuing promotion in tango culture in China.


Milonga Serenata - Every Wednesday

Venue: Switzerland Bar, south end of SOLANA, left bank bar street No.15, Chaoyang District Changyang Park Road No. 6


Venue: 1F No. 26 ZaoYing Beili, Community service center of Maizidian Area, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China