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Mi Serenata Beat the Winter Blues Milonga

22nd August 2015

8pm - midnight

St Aidans Uniting Church 26 Princess Road Claremont WA 6010  View Map

Pierre Candelaria


Refreshments: Coffee/Tea/Water & our chef’s famous light refreshments

Raffle: with door prizes

Music: 100% traditional

DressCode: Elegant
ENQUIRIES/RESERVATIONS - info@miserenatatango.com or
Call: SABRINA on 0404 264 557

This month we welcome Pierre Candelaria as our DJ. Pierre is a man of many talents, besides standing in as DJ both at the PTC and at Mi Serenata, he runs a series of musicality workshops at the PTC.

We advise table reservations for groups of 5 and more. Maximum occupancy of the hall is 90 people

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Photo shows preparation of our hall for our Anniversary Milonga on 25th July 2015