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A letter of thanks to the Perth Tango Community

Posted on 22nd December, 2014 by Sabrina

Dear Tangueros y Tangueras,

As 2014 closes in and we head toward Christmas and into 2015, Mi Serenata Tango, takes time to reflect on the year and to what lies ahead for 2015.

2014 was an incredibly busy, productive and remarkable year for Mi Serenata Tango. Though a small team of five, we wholeheartedly tackled new ventures and challenges that were put to us. When the organisers of the Latin Film Festival approached us with their concept, we accepted it without any hesitation; when Jairo Sanchez and Amy Teuchert, Tangueros proposed Natalia Hills and Alejandro Aquino to us, we accepted straightaway. When Joaquin Amenabar called us from Buenos Aires to express his desire to return, we didn’t hesitate. There was no way we were going to refuse such opportunities! Further improvements came to the fore such as the launching of our online booking form for our major events, the first ever WA tango organisation to do so; the introduction of our High Teas at The Empire Dance Studio culminating in our accreditation as Tango teachers, another small step we decided to take on the long road and lifelong dedication to the art that is, “The Tango”..

We are filled with gratitude for all the opportunities, support and lovely people we have met along our journey this year – near and far.

To the incredibly diverse people we meet at our weekly lessons, workshops and events, our Milonga regulars and supporters, our DJs and not to forget the many volunteers, who help, through their own volition, we give each and everyone of you a big and warm embrace and an equally huge “THANK YOU! “

It reminds us again and again that it is a privilege to be working alongside our colleagues and friends and to be part of the greater tango community.

The Mi Serenata team (Raffa, Sonya, Fabian, Sam and Sabrina) wishes you and your family a happy & safe festive holiday season.

See you in 2015!


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