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2014… the year that was

Posted on 17th December, 2014 by Sabrina

2014… the year that was

January, February & March the year begun with our inaugural High Tea at the Empire Dance Studio; due to public appreciation, our high teas continued over the summer months into elegant and beautiful evenings.

In March, we welcomed back the dynamic duo Tangueros, Jairo Sanchez Rivera and Amy Teuchert, who fresh from their recent performances in Buenos Aires, brought their knowledge and experience to our students and awed us with their performances at our milongas.

In June, we celebrated our two year Anniversary and welcomed Isolde Kanikani, a guest tango teacher from Holland, who graced us with her workshops and unique method of teaching.

The first weekend in August was an unforgettable month for the Perth Tango community as we were privileged and honoured to play host to genuine tango artists, Alejandro Aquino and Natalia Hills. In conjunction with Tangueros, Natalia and Alejandro were our first international guests for the year. They touched us greatly with their memorable performances and equally inspirational workshops. The absolute highlight of their visit was the gala milonga on the Saturday night. The hall in Claremont was full to capacity and those present were treated to an outstandingly exceptional display from our guests. Warmed by the standing ovations they received, they continued with a number of encores, telling us later that our audience filled their hearts with joy, and they truly loved their time in Perth. It was an emotional farewell and they promised to come back soon.

In September, we welcomed back our second international guest, Joaquin Amenabar who once again greatly inspired us with his unique musicality, teaching and playing of the bandoneon again at our September Milonga; for Mi Serenata that was our weekend when we were privileged and honoured to play host again to such a genuine person who we believe has unique talents, and who is so willing to share his knowledge so openly to those who are hungry for that knowledge. Our Gala Milonga was something special to behold. The hall in Claremont was full to capacity once again and those present were treated to an outstandingly exceptional performance from our guest. Warmed by the standing ovations he received, he continued with a number of encores. It was again an emotional farewell and Joaquin, too, has promised to come back soon.

It is still difficult to believe that we had hosted such high calibre tango performers, ‘tango royalty’, so to speak, in Perth! Each of our guests took us wholeheartedly along our tango journey and each gave us something unique of themselves.

Mi Serenata teachers, Raffa and Sabrina, continued to embrace the public via our weekly lessons throughout the year. It is always exciting to see people’s first venture into tango. It is equally as thrilling to see them attend the milongas as we encourage them to do so. Tango is not a clinical experiment. We encourage our students to venture into Milongas the minute they step into our lessons. Our advanced students enthusiasm and motivation intensified as they too took the reins and assisted in our classes and in doing so,inspiring all new dancers.

Then in September, there was the Latin American Film Festival, of which Mi Serenata was one of the proud supporters and for the second consecutive year was invited to open the festival on Saturday 6th September. Mi Serenata students were undaunted by the task put to them and with much ease rose over and beyond the challenge and for the first time understood the phrase “dance like nobody is watching.”

In October Mi Serenata together with their most advanced students attended the Sydney Tango Salon Festival for further immersion and to experience tango outside of Perth. International and interstate visits are fast becoming an annual event for Mi Serenata.Our last major event of the year was in October with our very successful Pink Ribbon Day Charity Milonga which saw us raise a generous sum of money - $4000! Everyone opened their hearts to this cause which was made more poignant with our tribute to our beautiful Tanguera Bubbles.

In November, Mi Serenata teachers, Raffa Capasso and Sabrina Elias, travelled to Singapore to receive their Tango Accreditation from Miguel Zotto, the legendary Tango dancer and mentor to many contemporary male tango dancers. This was just another small step we decided to take on the long road and lifelong dedication to the art that is, “The Tango”.

It was equally a privilege for us to hosts many interstate and international visitors at our milongas over the year, and in particular Joe from Haig Netherlands (a familiar face and Sydney Tanguero) who was the truest of true gentleman at our November Milonga. We hope to see all our guests and visitors on our shores again and soon….

And we hope to see all of you in 2015 where we will do it all over again!!


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