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Our next Tango term will be announced. We are currently holding private group and individual lessons for

Entry Level 1 Beginners

The aim of the lessons is to encourage students to find the simplicity and pleasure in the Tango dance and to feel comfortable in a Milonga (social night for dancing Argentinean tango), includes:

  • Lead & Follow, the tango Walk & Line of Dance
  • Connection, Embrace & Change of Weight
  • Posture & Balance
  • Familiarisation of essential tango steps (basic cross; salida; basic 8; hamaca (rock step); ocho al frente; ocho atras)
  • Introduction to orchestras for familiarisation
  • Musicality

Remember that tango is an improvised dance and improvisation can only happen with solid technique. Steps are a consequence of solid technique. There are no shortcuts in tango.


  • With Entry Level 1, no tango experience is required.
  • Entry Level 2 / Improvers, requires the basics you would have learnt at Entry Level 1 plus experience dancing at socials/Milongas; you’d require sound technique and familiarisation of ochos, the walk, the cross and familiar with the line of dance. Entry Level 2 students usually have 1-2 years experience*.
  • You do not require a partner to join the class.
  • Casual class attendance for Entry Level 1 is not advisable.


Entry Level 2 Improvers

The aim of the lessons is to build on your skills from Level 1 and improve your social dancing and figures/variations to steps for the dance floor. Improver dancers will have had continued 6 months to a year’s experience*.


  • You must have a solid understanding of the fundamentals.
  • You do not require a partner to join the class.

* Continuity and consistency of classes is essential when learning tango, and not on-off learning as that doesn’t equate to the length of time. Students benefit greatly through reinforcement, practice and repetition.

** If you have had a long absence from tango and do not know where to begin, please attend Level 1 so we can gage your level and understanding of the dance. At Mi Serenata we aim to accelerate students and not hold them back unnecessarily.

Mantra: We do not make mistakes, we improvise.