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Recap: Pink Ribbon Fundraising Milonga October 2014

Posted on 13th November, 2014 by Sabrina

Thank u to the Perth Tango community for your generosity, added donations, spirit, enthusiasm and support in making our Pink Ribbon Milonga such a special, heartwarming and successful night.

Due to all of you we raised $4000! A special thank to those individuals and to the Perth Tango Club who made contributions of $100 and more on and preceeding the night. Thank you, your generosity is much appreciated.

Our dedication to Bubbles was heartwarming as everybody took to the floor to dance to four of her favourite Vals. As one tanguera put it so succinctly:

What a lovely milonga, It felt like love, kindness and goodwill danced and mingled amongst us all night. And I would learn tango just to dance THAT unforgettable tanda!

Thank you to Bob for being his lovely self and to our dj Nick Furlan who did a seamless job with the music.

Thank you to our team Raffa, Sonya, Sam and Fabian for their tremendous efforts and kindness and as well as to, Alex, Ann, Rose and Martin who all had a hand in its success.

Finally, to beautiful Bubbles who will forever be close to our hearts. Bubbles you are our Tanguera star always.

Sabrina and MST team xxx



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