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Recap: Tango goes Tropical Milonga Soiree @ The Gadfly Gallery Sunday 12th May

Posted on 13th May, 2013 by Sabrina

Champagne Tango Perth in conjunction with Gadfly Gallery hosted its “Tango goes Tropical Milonga Soiree” on Sunday 12th May at the Gadfly Gallery.

Thank you to all who attended our “Tango Goes Tropical Milonga” on Sunday 12th May at the Gadfly Gallery and making it another successful Milonga at the Gallery. It was truly a magical evening. Ladies and gents, alike, got into the swing of the evening dressing in their tropical gear; our theme was selected to match the mood of the featured paintings by artist Becky Blair; the ambience was buzzing with music, laughter and as many said a “get-together away from the normal Milonga halls”.

Our tropical fruit punch made by our resident Chef, Raffaele, went down a treat and the floor was constantly crowded. Once again, the music by CTP’s resident DJ Patrick, was spectacular, reading the crowd as always.

Our Gallery host, Anna was very pretty in green satin and in her new GretaFlora tango shoes, loving the marriage of art and tango throughout the evening; our other CTP host, Sonya was equally as beautiful and was busily handing out hibiscus (plucked from neighbourhood trees) to every lady who came through the door. I am sure she will be charged
one day for vandalism!

Lastly, a big thank you to all the beautiful tangueros and tangueras who made it there despite it being Mother’s Day. To all those who asked, our next Gallery Milonga is planned for early spring. Photos & videos of the tropical milonga can be seen in our gallery:



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