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Recap: Maestro Bandoneónist Joaquín Amenábar in Perth 2014

Posted on 21st October, 2014 by Sabrina

What a blast we had with him! Thank you to everybody for making Joaquin’s second trip in a year to Perth such a successful one. the responses to the workshops were positive, inspiring and students were very involved at the workshops. For Mi Serenata that was our weekend when we were privileged and honoured to play host again to such a genuine person who we believe has unique talents, and who is so willing to share his knowledge so openly to those who are hungry for that knowledge. 

Our Gala Milonga was something special to behold. The hall in Claremont was full to capacity once again and those present were treated to an outstandingly exceptional performance from our guest. Warmed by the standing ovations hereceived, he continued with a number of encores. It was an emotional farewell and Joaquin has promised to come back soon.

We simply can’t wait!

Read what some of our guests had to say on Facebook (not counting the many compliments as people were leaving):

It was a first class milonga, and Joaquin’s playing was sublime. We have had other bandoneon players here in Perth, but he is definitely in another league with his mastery of the instrument. The elegance of his phrasing of the music and subtlety of tempo and dynamics were totally enchanting. Please bring him back soon!



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