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Latin American Film Festival 2014

Posted on 6th September, 2014 by Sabrina

Mi Serenata Tango are proud supporters of the Latin American Film Festival and was invited for the second year in a row to open the festival on Saturday 6th September.

What a fabulous night and experience it was to open the latin film festival! Thank you to the event coordinator Raffa Baro for inviting us to exhibit tango to the audience and your professional setup for the night. Our good friends Nick and Kate for taking photos and videos of us dancing and joining us on the floor as well. Last but not least to everyone who lent us their time, support and enthusiasm and participating in one of the most memorable nights in tango. Thank u to our students who were undaunted by the task put to them and with ease rose over and beyond the challenge: Brandon, Verity, Joanna, Martin, Ann, Aswin, Tulia and our good friends Sharon and Bob and the rest of the Mi Serenata Tango team, Raffa, Fabian, Sam and Sonya. Each of us on the floor had a ball and travelled further along on our tango journey. Our practice of the cabaceo worked well as we took to the floor. Our invitation to Juan Rando to join us on the floor was well received as he gladly took to the floor. Thank u. It’s moments like these which makes us believe that a community can work well together with a little goodwill and a little less territorial. Thank u all. 

More photos can be seen on Cine Vivo’s facebook

Sabrina xxx



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